The Best Sites for Diving and Snorkeling

A diver is spoilt for choices as there are hundreds of amazing diving and snorkeling locations around the world. With the right gear, and full face snorkeling mask, you can virtually spend your entire life exploring the marine life in these places, and you will still not be able to cover even half of these locations. So what are the topmost diving and snorkeling sites for marine life and corals? Let us take a look.

Indonesia – Komodo National Park

It is famous for the Komodo Dragon, but just below the water is a world full of paradise. In the shallow sea at Manta Alley, you will find large groups of manta rays. At GPS Point, you can see surgeonfish, large groups of dogtooth tuna, and barracuda. There are other great spots too like the Cannibal Rocks and Hollow Rock.

Belize – The Great Blue Hole

A huge and deep hole, lined by a stunning coral reef! There are sharks everywhere, so select a good mask so you have uninterrupted vision. Dive into the hole and you will see groups of huge tuna and other fish. Dive 25 meters deep and you will come face to face with ancient stalagmites and stalactites in aquatic caverns.

Galápagos Islands

This should be in the list for the amazing sea lions. At Plaza Sur, you can see more than a thousand sea lions. You can snorkel with the juveniles who will often come very close to you playfully, under the watchful eyes of the mother sea lions.

Spain – Les Medes Islands

Just off Costa Brava from the town of L’Estartit you will find best snorkeling and diving area of the Mediterranean. There are dozens of rock reefs and seven uninhabited islands where you can see barracuda, octopus, eels, and schools of rays.

Philippines – Palawan

There are 7,000 islands to explore in the archipelago so there is little crowd, which is perfect if you want to see marine life in their most natural state, undisturbed by snorkelers. You can dive into the Bay of Donsol and swim with whale sharks, or play with the fish at Noa Noa Island. The lagoons and hidden coves here are full of fish and corals you will love.

The Maldives

You will find more than 700 fish species in the atolls of Maldives. There are sharks, turtles, tuna, butterfly fish, octopus and plenty of corals to see.