All You Need to know About the Best High Volume Scuba Masks

Are you planning to buy a good scuba diveĀ mask?

Then there are some considerations that you need to make before making your final decision. These considerations include:

-Rent Vs buy

As a diver, you are required to purchase your own mask that will fit you comfortably. However, you are allowed to rent in case you forget to travel with them

-Swim masks Vs diving masks

There are few requirements that diving masks must comply with before they are sold. For instance, they are supposed to have a strong glass that has the ability to withstand pressure.

-Colored Vs transparent

The decision here is based on the individual preferences. Most beginners use transparent masks while underwater photographers prefer to use colored masks as it helpsĀ to minimize the glare.

-Low Volume Vs High Volume

Mask volume can be defined as the airspace available in the mask. The masks that have high volume make you feel the openness and enlarge your peripheral vision.

-Neoprene Vs silicon strap

Neoprene strap is more comfortable strap as compared to the silicon strap

Best High Volume Scuba Masks

If you intend to spend most of your time swimming, then buying a high volume scuba mask is a must. This article will provide information about high volume scuba diving mask that you definitely need to know.

1. Scubapro Synergy mask with a mirror

This is one of the high volume masks that have the following features:

It has a clear lens that is soft and has the highest silicon grade. It can have a single or double lens depending on the type.

2. Cressi Eyes evolution mask

The mask contains the following features:

-Good visibility

-Its skirt is made up of high seal grade of silicon that is durable

-Its buckle system is attached to the skirt.

3. Aquatic venom mask

This is another quality product for the Scuba family of masks. It is made up of Gummi ultra-soft material that makes it comfortable. Its skirt is designed with silicon and has dual layers.

4. GoPro masks

This is another mask for high volume scuba diving masks that has Soft silicone to enhance the comfort of the users


Each mask comes with its specific features. Divers should consider their tastes and preferences before buying a high volume diving mask. If you are looking for high volume scuba diving masks, we recommend the ones we have shared above. These are the Best Scuba Masks that every diver should know! They will make your diving experience memorable!